Aesthetic Enclosures

Aesthetic Enclosures is inspired in the legal concept of an ‘entire agreement’, a clause in a contract that stipulates that an agreement consists of the agreement and its enclosures. The agreement is in the project represented by one central piece of art which consists, in turn, of artistic representations of snapshots from a corporate decision-making process. The central artwork is entitled ‘certificate of authenticity and refers to the transformative theory of the 80’s where those certificates were used to redefine concepts as ‘agreement’ and ‘property’. The entitlement of the artwork as a certificate is done in this project to suggest another approach. The concept ‘agreement’ is used as a metaphor for the contemporary interplay between the artist and his audience. By remaining neutral in the set-up of the artworks, the emphasis lies here more on the fact that artist is merely a part, an enclosure, of a wider community.

  “Tort Law: fault, damage and causual link”

charcoal on canvas – 70 on 90 cm

(Cash Cow – Charcoal on canvas – 60 on 80 cm)

Gentlemen’s Agreement – charcoal on paper – 150 on 75 cm


view on “Jos Joos Art Gallery”

“Golden Parachute” – Charcoal on Canvas – 200 on 50 cm

Due Diligence – charcoal on canvas – 75 on 75 cm

                                                                                                                                                 Opportunities – charcoal on canvas – 150 on 100 cm


Contract Terms in Sign Language

100 on 100 cm

“Heads Of(f) Agreement” – charcoal on paper – 80 cm on 120 cm

“Poison Pill” – charcoal on paper – 100 cm on 100 cm – Private Collection

Photos copyright Jos Verhoogen, Mechelen