‘Art & Law’ is similar to the juxtaposition of text and image. It creates a conceptual tension although it is not clear which describes the other. In contemporary art you do not see an actuality as it is recognizable in the real world but rather an actuality as it reveals itself at a certain point in time. As someone who enters a museum and requires time before it hits him that what he sees on a painting by Monet is a pond. The parallel with the manner in which one should look at law is obvious. It is this subtle form of misleading that characterises both contemporary art and law. Just like an artwork, an object with a fluid significance, a rule of law is open for interpretation. An art critic would say that this project is the visual equivalent of ‘pretending sincerely’. There is nothing wrong with this as long as it happens sincerely. Which is where contemporary art comes in: as an artist you may pretend as much as you want, but the windows of the gallery should draw the viewer inside.

Art Projects:

“Aesthetic Enclosures”

“Law as a medium for Art”

“Art on the Edge of Law”

“Legal Architecture

[Exhibited in Art Galleries, Cultural Centers, Art Centers and on commercial events]

[Project “Aesthetic Enclosures” was award an honorable mention in International Contemporary Art prize Lynx in 2016]