The heartbeat of D-Art is located in an old dusty furniture store in Malines. Not immediately the location you picture for an exhibition: no white chalked walls, immaculate floors and carefully applied lightning that should enhance the emotion with the visitor. And yet, D-Art has a reputation to defend in the Belgian art scene. You go because it ought be interesting without knowing exactly what will be showed. As someone who enters a church to hide for a sudden rain cloud and then realizes that it is made by Borommini. The church, not the rain cloud. The building is divided in curated part and a section reserves for the laureates of the multidisciplinair atelier of the Art Academy of Malines. The vulnerable tension that is sought by means of different societal themes,  is shaped in time and space through the spectacles of all ages. If you stroll by the works, you feel the fresh thoughts of young talent that breaks trough the irony and the decisiveness of a generation that hits the target by aiming very precisely nearby. On a different location in the town, these thoughts have made room for the vulnerability or even the vanity of the artist. In the ‘Garage’ works are displayed of the laureates of the Drawing Prize (Ernest Albert). A word about the winner, Caroline Coolen, fits perfectly within the scope of this article. Her powerful and monumental landscapes make you dream in a way the great romantic painters like Casper David Friedrich can do. Something begins in her works and nothing is stable. You are in the midst of the landscape and see it at the same time in front of you: erratic rocks, picturesque trees, dark clouds and colourful sunsets. All this alternated with shadowy small human figures. Maybe to underline how vulnerable we are and how drastic alienated we are from nature around us ? This being said, her works can be seamlessly associated with the lay-out from the people who curated D-art.