Dirk Eelen, nominee of the Arte Lagua Prize, shows with his works that light and dark are a winning combination. He builts sublime upon the legacy of Rembrandt and Caravaggio. 400 years after Caravaggio is clair-obscur almost a cliché. Even the documentary fotography is leavened by it. Andy et, he manages to surmount the popular with his art. His works are all realistic represetations of dramatic light effects. What makes the works interesting is that are portraits which are not much similar tot he portrait but rather a visual summary of what he feels with the model, the person. You can see that he is not guided by the looks of his models. He does not want to imitate them but wants to put them down as actors in a movie setting. His works are therefor an exemple of those cases where a painter is occupied for weeks with obsering his subject-matter annd, by doing so, gather more information than a camera does. It is a accumulation of experiences. Eelen has captured these individual experiences in a painting: lasting and accessible for everyone which is in sharp contrast with the volatility of the experience.