So there I was, going through some red tape, not expecting anything to happen out of the ordinary yesterday, when this arrived in the mailbox. When I scrolled down these text-based drawings, the theme hit me instantaneously: irony. The irony lies in the negation of the subject-matter of the artworks.  Lets take image no. 1:

Belgian Art Prize 2015

The Exhibition of the Belgian Art Prize at BOZAR is reaching its culminating point. So what better time then to write about some of the works. Particularly if one of the works seems to explore – maybe unconsciously – an actual news theme. Nominee Georgia Küng transforms a small baby hand into a melling awkward

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Back to School

Back to School. These drawings (pencil on paper) remind me at the chalk drawings my first grade teacher made on the blackboard at the beginning of the school year. I think these one would work quite well at the beginning of a school year in an art academy. They would certainly inspire me. The