The Grid

The grid is kind of the holy grail of abstract art. As the holy grail inspired many writers, so too have artists, throughout art history, praised the supranatural powers of the grid to the skies. Lilian Kreutzberger’s interpretation is, to say the least, orginal and follows in the tradition of Mondriaan’s work. By virtue of

Landscapes II

Compelling landscapes with a modern soul, in short, abstract romantism . The style resembles a new, technically non-existing nature created for the first time on canvas. But it’s not just about the landscape or, at least, not only. The work is an ode to togetherness. The works are titled ‘if a clod be washed away


Landscapes: what I do keep wondering about is whether the artist takes control or nature makes him servant. The simplicity of these works by Oana Cosug makes them in any event enchanting. It seems as if no system has been used to select and arrange the flowers and the grass. With simple and powerful brush

Louise Dehem Prize

The juried art competition - so-called Louise Dehem-prize - organized by the municipality Ieper delivered some coherent and really impressive artworks. Bram Terryn (1981) stole the first prize. Admittedly, my wording is based on the catalogue that I received. I am not offcourse denigrating his artwork which as I understand from the words of the


Drawings from the Gent-based Kasper Baele that embody craftmanship and great warmth.  They are ideal settings, the perfection of them made all stronger by the elegance of the shadowy figures. At the same time, the drawing make us understand that no physical contact is possible. The figures are kinda like ghosts from

Art Rent Day 2015

These artworks (pencil on paper) by Belgian-based Clara Fanise are a contemporary translation of a scientific item (kinesphere) that was first brought up in art history by Leonardo Da Vinci with its drawing of the Vitruvian man. Clara’s interpretation of the theme is original, an exemple of out of the box thinking. While taking a


Sandpaintings by Tramaine De Senna. Beautiful captured memories of summer sunset views from the cottage in the dunes at the seaside. It makes you wanna take a book, sit down next to the artwork and read. Even the grains of sand, travelling with the evening breeze, are visible on the windowy canvas.  Here is what

A ‘Must Visit’ and ‘Must Have’

This artsy table by Berlin-based Matthias Bitzer is currently exhibited in Gallery Almine Rech in Brussels.  With the black metal frame it looks as if it is put together with a constructivisitic severity. But once you sit down, you get a sense of the emotion and nostalgia of autumn in the woods. The texture and

Enter Sandman

Say your prayers little one, don’t forget my son, to include everyone, tuck you in, warm within,  keep you free from sin tills the sandman he comes, sleep with one eye open, gripping your pillow tight. exit: light, enter: night, take my hand, we’re off to never never land. Somethings’s wrong, shut the light,

Brussels Art Days

Berlin-based Dan Rees (UK) is not a Belgian artist but his artworks (Artex Paintings – oil on canvas) represent accurately what contemporary art is all about that I could not resist adding it here. His works are typical for contemporary art for two reasons. One. He throws his net out in the deep past and