Gaver Price

After a cursory glance at Bekaert’s works, you might think that the arrival is less important than the journey itself. The process seems heavier than the result. His art employs frontal viewpoints with parallel retroceding planes and pictures objects on a distant manner as a result of which the objects are reduced to their geometrical


When you’re talking about modern, and certainly contemporary, art, you cannot overlook the novel ‘the unkown masterpiece’ of Balsac and his imaginary artist ‘Frenhofer’. Frenhofer embodies the internal struggle of each artist to express his idea about art on a canvas. The novel concerns the struggle of Frenhofer with a portrait on which he is

Conventional Portraits

Portraits: I always wonder whether the artwork is more than he/she who postured. If you compare posturing with a visit to the hairdresser, you probably better grasp the demand for surplus value. Whether the intensification succeeded, that’s what portraiture is all about. This being said, I would like to make it clear that I do

Drawing Prize Ronse

If official recognition (like a prize or an exhibition in a museum) acts as a genuine career catalyst, Denitsa Todorova is the personification of an emerging artist. I already wrote about her on occasion of the expo in Museum M in Leuven but have no choice than to write about her again as the winner

Cultural DNA

While thinking about the works of Tinus Vermeersh, you discover gradually elements of kind of a cultural DNA of the Low Countries, from Bosch to Van Eyck: Flemish, even ground-breaking and anything but primitif. Call him a romantic, because although he is probably not the only one, contemporary artists tend to express themselves differently.

A Tipping Point ?

These paintings by Stephanie Leblon kinda look like a battle between the figurative and the abstract. That perception explains why the essence of these paintings are not the rather odd looking swimmers: there is no glistening and you can’t see the ripples and bubbles of the water. It is not an attempt to express


These paintings by Geert Koekoeckx give a spontaneous self-explanatory impression as if they are the result of kind of a natural phenomenon. It looks like fossilized remnants of live. It is not an imitation of nature but rather a search for a working method equivalent to the one nature applies. Its kinda like the artist

A Writer-Painter

The works of Koen Fillet are contemporary meaning that he is a buddy of his own time; his works merely describe our own time. That’s it. Describe. Fillet’s paintings have often a title which suggests a narrative or, at least, snippets. But the depicted things seem so daily and common that they are condemned to

Art Contest 2015

Do you also have the feeling that sometimes paintings in art contests come off worst if they have to compete with performance art (probably in the name of anti-commerce) ? These works by Sarah De Vos (entitled ‘Paintings to myself when I am 80) are, admittedly, eye-catchers but, even more, they appeal to the hart

Unearthly Density

Virtual landscapes made by Mathias Casaer. It is the interrelationship of the bent lines together with sparse texture strokes that define the shapes of the rocks and the hollows in and around them. Or is it an imaginery of abstract oceanviews ? Anyhow, one may question whether the actual landscape offers such a powerfully formations of