Contour8 (featuring “Inhabitants”) – Legal Sell-Out

  The video of Inhabitants stands up for women rights by linking the allegory of justice to a commonly critizised ruling of the US supreme court (Hobby Lobby) on the basis of which religious rights were attributed to a legal person in order to allow it to deny contraceptive healthcare to its employees.

Law as a medium for Art (featuring Michael Cataldi)

When you “visit” the site of Michael Cataldi, you are immediately drawn to an artwork entitled “the visitor”: a balloon strolling by artworks in what looks like an exhibition of works by old masters.  It excels in its simplicity, it is an ode, for the sake of this blog, to spontaneity. It


The heartbeat of D-Art is located in an old dusty furniture store in Malines. Not immediately the location you picture for an exhibition: no white chalked walls, immaculate floors and carefully applied lightning that should enhance the emotion with the visitor. And yet, D-Art has a reputation to defend in the Belgian art scene. You

Curated Show – Nansky

By means of her art, Nansky commits to the tradition of the surrealism or, rather, kind of a sunny illuminated surrealism because the transition in her oeuvre from muted dim to intensive shimmering is spectacular. Yellow, orange, and hues of green alternate with shades of pink and purple. Her works are a true explosion of

Art Brussels

Alistair Mackie It takes a while before it hits you what the underlying idea is in this artwork by Alastair Mackie titled ‘the dominance of things’. A hint lies in the name of the gallery which promotes his works at Art Brussels ‘Division of Labour’ gallery. The artwork is layered and complex. The piece is

Arte Laguna

Dirk Eelen, nominee of the Arte Lagua Prize, shows with his works that light and dark are a winning combination. He builts sublime upon the legacy of Rembrandt and Caravaggio. 400 years after Caravaggio is clair-obscur almost a cliché. Even the documentary fotography is leavened by it. Andy et, he manages to surmount the popular

Artwork vs. Artist featuring Rinus van de Velde

‘Everything in the baroc has a meaning’ could be a witty remark from an art history teacher. The exemple that he shows his students to corroborate his words could be the painting from Rembrandt ‘painter in his atelier’. The size, or rather the limited scale, of the painting contrasts sharply with the major metaphor

Art Fair BRAFA

The Art Fair ‘Brafa’ blooms, habitually, as the first among the art fairs in the Brussels landscape. This literary fiction becomes in this year’s edition, metaphorically, a reality with flowers surrounding and tranforming in art. The choice for the floral theme is representative for something that has to do with her own activity. The libido