While thinking about the works of Tinus Vermeersh, you discover gradually elements of kind of a cultural DNA of the Low Countries, from Bosch to Van Eyck: Flemish, even ground-breaking and anything but primitif. Call him a romantic, because although he is probably not the only one, contemporary artists tend to express themselves differently. Opinions vary about this mainstream definition of contemporary art, often with a abondance of unbridgeable differences. Vermeersch’ art has the merit of being art that does not divide but that shares a cultural DNA. Moreover, it is a mixture of all arts,  classic, modern and applied. It is also art by which the artist rises above its susceptibility for that cultural DNA. The subject-matters of its paintings is varied but they all  share the same fascination for a bizarre world. Some works even look like the forerunner of future fantasy in film and literature. Technical and emotional stunning detailed art of painting. His works are currenty exhibited at Hopstreet Gallery in Brussels.