The works of Koen Fillet are contemporary meaning that he is a buddy of his own time; his works merely describe our own time. That’s it. Describe. Fillet’s paintings have often a title which suggests a narrative or, at least, snippets. But the depicted things seem so daily and common that they are condemned to no more than a cursory glance.  The manner on which he showcases his art of painting seems therefore in a way an attempt to hold on to the visitor as if he is just a tad jealous on the time a reader spends with a writer. Its the combination of the suggested narative with the cursory glance that triggers an enchanted spontaneity. Certainly, the images are very daily but, at the same time, they possess a bated and breathless tension to ensure that you take the time to understand the depicted narrative. The brush strokes are prozaic but not in a plastic way: these paintings are not construed in way reminiscent of a sentence that comes about without it being interrupted by any reflectivity on the part of the author. His brush strokes are rather descriptive. You feel it is all well thought through, sometimes even argumentative (‘don’t touch my bananas’ – oil on canvas). There is nothing amiss in such observation for the simple reason that Koen Fillet is the classic exemple of a ‘writer-painter’. He is a painter who wants to tell stories or, differently put, a writer whom’s plot is less important than its wish to reproduce a color or a hue to its writing. It is a courageous choice because it is common ground that the perfect painting is the one that holds on to the visitor by bringing back intense emotions without further need for words and that a good novel is a novel that allies with time in order to tie readers with a detailed plot. Despite these stereotypes, Fillet’s work is by no means a failed attempt. To the contrary, his works trigger a subtile balance between imagination and description. He is a writer-colorist and a painter-stylist at the same time. His works are exhibited in the Rivoli Building in Brussels untill November 28. More information on the website of CAPS (