Virtual landscapes made by Mathias Casaer. It is the interrelationship of the bent lines together with sparse texture strokes that define the shapes of the rocks and the hollows in and around them. Or is it an imaginery of abstract oceanviews ? Anyhow, one may question whether the actual landscape offers such a powerfully formations of strangely twisted and pitted rocks as the paintings do. Presenting such a massive hilly full face view, the paintings seems to endow the landscapes with a virtual innerlife more than it reproduces geological processes. The lines seem surely like bundled linear network cables. Like with playing a virtual game, he seems to strike the right balance between concentration, memory and creativity on the one hand and an outlet for frustration in real life on the other hand. These paintings on a canvas have a lot of similarities with images on a screen.  It are projections of a real world. But again, one may question why he makes us wallow in such a richness of textures and patterns that call up an unearthly density. The abundance represents the danger of comprehensiveness which, in turn, is representative for the slow mutation of elementary particles of real life mechanisms. By painting so, it is as if a fear is lurking beneath this comprehensivenss: the fear that the viewer is ultimately reduced to an inhabitant of Plato’s cave: shadowy creatures in a permanent darkness. Among the leading colors that emerge from Casaer’s colour palette are, not surprisingly, dimmy greys and black tones as if they caution for the risk ahead of us.  Basically, that’s it I think: Paraphrasing Catullus, ‘Odi et Amo’, he seems to hate and at the same time love this virtual world. Not knowing why, he feels it happens and is torn apart. Surely you agree that there ain‘t no better outlet than art to channel emotions. Whoever talks about emotions, is talking about fascination. It is this fascination that allows you not to make paintings slightly similar to something authentic, but to make a painting that becomes authentic during the creative process. Mathias Casaer works are exhibited in a curated show at the White House Gallery in Lovenjoel from November, 7 to December, 20. (Images courtesy the artist).