These paintings by Stephanie Leblon kinda look like a battle between the figurative and the abstract. That perception explains why the essence of these paintings are not the rather odd looking swimmers: there is no glistening and you can’t see the ripples and bubbles of the water. It is not an attempt to express quiet tranquility of water, of swimmers sinking and floating, still and peaceful like some of her colleagues paint – Samantha French. It is rather idealising as opposed to naturalism. The extra-ordinary distortions of the figures are a metaphor for an overlapping, parallel world that becomes slowly visible. The figures exist merely temporarily helping you to arrive somewhere else; an accessible guide for the abstract. Moreover, the color palette seems to tell one story and the scene another. The colors are not complex, they do not take position but remain neutral while the sensory perception evokes a complex aesthetic. The color palette emphasizes that the portraited swimmers are anonymous as a result of which they are rather concealed than that you actually watch them. The paintings are deviating in terms of color, tone and sphere. Notwhistanding, these paintings are not a failed attempt. Maybe they mark a sweeping and major tipping point putting an end to a figurative period and moving ahead to a remarkable abstract style. Her works are currently exhibited in the museum Felixart at Drogenbos. (Images with courtesy of the artist).